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The Model NN industrial barrier gate controls traffic on an airport roadway.



PASS provides Federal Signal's proven industrial barrier gates for traffic control on roadways. Manufactured by Edko, these industry standard products provide years of trouble-free service.

Edko's barrier gates are ideal for roadways up to 38', single/double lift bridges, airports, and other demanding applications.

The Model NN Industrial barrier gate offers:

  • Ability to control vehicle traffic on roadways up to 38'
  • Exceptionally durable, element-resistant .25" (6mm) galvanized steel plate housing
  • Powerful instant reversing motor-single or three phase
  • Rugged wishbone-style gate arm
  • Completely removable hood, field and roadway doors
  • Optional gate arm lights and reflective striping

For lasting protection, the Model NN's steel housing is rust and corrosion resistant. A heavy-duty worm drive encased in an aluminum housing with an oil bath eliminates the need for roller chains, drive belts or special maintenance. A Stearns electromechanical disc brake ensures faster halting than gates with conventional drag brakes, reducing strain.




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